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I hadn’t considered doing a review on a MLM Beauty company that deals with hair, because, frankly, I didn’t know there was one. Imagine my surprise and excitement when I learned that not only is there a MLM hair product company, but that they focus on regrowing hair!!! Yay!!!

I’ve done several posts regarding hair loss. I’ve experienced this awful phenomenon first hand. I lost a lot of hair after the birth of my second child, and then even more so due to the birth control I was using.

It can be devastating to lose your hair as a woman. You’re afraid you will end up with noticeable bald spots, or worse yet, no hair at all. I’ve been on a long journey to solve this problem for myself. I cut off my hair into a short hairstyle to be rid of the damaged hair and start fresh. I’ve avoided my regular hair color regimen to get my hair back in good condition.

In November, I entered a random contest on Facebook.  It was a giveaway for my friend Angel’s GloBody Spray Tanning business.  It was a package of a Lip Gloss by Lip Sense, a free spray tan, and some samples of Monat products.  I won!  Yay!  I got a beautiful spray tan from Angel, a couple of Lip products from a lovely lady names Jordan, and I got some samples of Monat shampoo and conditioner from Erin Stephens.

IMG_2370I immediately liked the feel of the Monat products.  The shampoo and conditioner had a nice fragrance, and made my hair feel great.  I was intrigued by these samples so asked Erin if she wanted to collaborate on a MLM Review post.

She was wonderful and sent me a full sized Black Shampoo & Conditioner, and a Revitalize Shampoo and Conditioner.  This combo would be great for my fine thin hair.  I began using these products regularly in mid November.

I was so excited to get my goodie bag from Erin!


Since November, I have noticed that my hair has changed.  It no longer sheds in the shower by the handful.  It is less dry and damaged looking.  It feels thicker and looks fuller.

I wont lie, I was a HUGE sceptic of Monat.  I have used medicated hair products in an effort to grow my hair before.  I’ve also used supplements with biotin.  I’ve seen some growth, but nothing like what I’ve seen with this combo.  My hair is growing faster, as evidenced by my awful dark roots coming in.


Well, consider me a believer.  I’m even considering selling it.  I had to do my due diligence and use this product before I would even think about offering it to my friends and family.

If you are curious about this line at all, send me an email  I am still learning about this product line, but I can get your questions answered.

I will keep you all posted about my hair growth progress with this as I try out more products.



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  1. It is the best! You should try the oral supplement and blow out cream, too! The blow out cream is a heat protectant and makes your hair so smooth and soft! Big fan over here!


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